Delivery & Pick Up Orders

To allow for ease of processing of orders, and to ensure we are able to complete orders under for correct pick up/delivery days and times, we outlined the following way to order.


  • Pick up orders can be placed for the next day, and can be set for a specific time of day for collection.
  • Delivery orders are 2 days processing, and will be delivered between the hours of 7am-3pm based on location in the city.


  • To find out more about deliveries, please refer to the below table.



  • Place an order online via our website ordering system
  • Call the Edgeware retail store on 03 366 1780 during open hours of 9am – 4pm
  • Place an enquiry through our Contact Us page
  • Send us an email directly via


  • Please order online via our website ordering system

Contactless Delivery - How it will work

Our contact-less delivery service is currently delivering in to specific suburbs. They are as follows

Delivery Day Suburbs/Postcodes for Delivery
Tuesday 8013,8014,8011,8041,8053,8052,8061,8062,8023,8024,8051,8042,8022,
Wednesday 8013,8014,8011,8041,8053,8052,8061,8062,8023,8024,8051,8042,8022,7630
Thursday 8013,8014,8011,8041,8053,8052,8061,8062,8023,8024,8051,8042,8022,
Friday 8013,8014,8011,8041,8053,8052,8061,8062,8023,8024,8051,8042,8022,
Saturday 8013,8014,8011,8041,8053,8052,8061,8062,8023,8024,8051,8042,8022,

For orders OUTSIDE of these locations please contact us via email at and we will see what we can do.

Our deliveries will take place currently on Tuesday -Saturday.

Orders will be processed the day prior to ensure stock is sealed & held over-night, to maintain Food safety standards, so cut off for last orders will be Mid-Day the day prior. This means an order for Wednesday will have to be in by Mid-Day Tuesday, otherwise it will be moved to a next available delivery day.

Deliveries will be contact-less, which will mean our drivers will deliver the product at either the door-step or just inside the gate from the property. They will then either wave, knock, or just a friendly smile to give confirmation that the order has been delivered. Deliveries will occur between 7am and 3pm each day.

At this stage the minimum order for delivery is $80 with a $10 delivery fee to ensure we can service as many orders as possible.