Peter Timbs Meats Wholesale

Peter Timbs Meats Wholesale provides the staple combination of Peter Timbs 2 key values, quality and service by supplying orders all around Christchurch and beyond.

How Wholesale Operates

  • Deliveries are made Monday – Saturday between 7am and 3pm, depending on the amount of orders received/volume of products.
  • Orders are processed for a “next day delivery” but can be placed up until 5am on the day of delivery, perfect for ordering at the end of a shift for the next day’s stock.
  • Delivery times are consistent based on our delivery run schedule/zone
  • Prices are competitive and open to negotiation based on volumes/specs and delivery consistency.

To get in touch with us

  • Fill out the enquiry form below
  • Email us at
  • Call us on 03 982 0689

Wholesale Enquiries