Welcome to the New Peter Timbs Meats site! We have brought the shop to you, with our amazing selection of products all available at the click of a button, ready for a catered time collection in-store. But that is not all we have to offer here, with amazing features to help cater your dinner selection, and recipes customized to fit every requirement available!

Current Features –

  • Vast product range for ordering, with customization of pick-up times/dates and a responsive system of notifications around your order.
  • Dietary information and ingredient lists under every product, to find out the information you need straight away!
  • News page to catch up with all the latest Meat Industry news, as well as Peter Timbs Meats News.
  • Extensive Recipes page, with a massive break-down menu to find the perfect recipe that caters to your diet, time, meat, size or love of cooking!

Still to come

  • The amazing Butcher’s Box, easy to order and amazing value, with delivery options!
  • Behind the scenes information page, where and who does the meat come from, what makes the meat from Peter Timbs have the difference you love!
  • Loyalty Card Integration. Check out all your details and account information online and update it as required to ensure you get your Peter Timbs Vouchers!
  • The shop will be in the palm of your hand with the new Peter Timbs Meats App, coming soon!